Roof Maxx Park Ridge - Roof Restoration Park Ridge & Roof Repair Park Ridge

Roof maxx Park Ridge is the premier roof restoration company to perform your roof repair with a proven roof maxx shingle treatment Park Ridge that puts a unique coat on your home which is just like a new roof shingle replacement Park Ridge. Call us if your roof is nearing its warranty expiration to learn more on how you can add an additional 5-year warranty.


When you sign up for Roof Maxx Park Ridge you’re signing up to save money on your roof repair Park Ridge by extending the life of your structure. This adds 15 years on your roof restoration Park Ridge with 5 year treatments.


Our Roof Maxx spray treatment Park Ridge is good for the environment and contains no toxic chemicals. This is a product roof protection Park Ridge customers can rely on to work for years to come.

Protecting the Planet

Your role in saving the planet is secured when you choose our shingle roof repair Park Ridge treatment. This removes asphalt waste and also gives you long lasting roof protection Park Ridge.

How Roof Maxx Park Ridge Works?


Having a roof that would benefit from Roof Maxx Park Ridge service, makes you a candidate for application scheduling. In the event there are any more serious issues like leaks in your structure, we will do an estimate for a roof repair Park Ridge.


Before we get started applying Roof Maxx coating, our roof restoration Park Ridge experts will start with a roof tune-up to make sure the process is successful. Afterwards the roof maax spray treatment Park Ridge operation takes as little as a few hours.


The oils we use for Roof Max spray treatment Park Ridge refresh the waterproofing of your shingles for up to five more years and just in case you end up moving the future ur warranty can be transferred.