Roof Maxx Evanston - Roof Restoration Evanston & Roof Repair Evanston

A superior option is available from roof maxx Evanston to make your roof repair easy for you. We perform this procedure using roof maxx spray treatment Evanston to your shingles and adding to their lifespan. Check and see if your roof protection Evanston warranty is nearing its end and if so contact us to get details on how you can put 5 more years of warranty on your roof with a special coating.


Residents save money and gain years on their roofs by hiring Roof Maxx Evanston as their roof protection provider. Continuous applications every 5 years provide shingle roof repair Evanston that puts an additional 15 years to your roof warranty


Roof Maxx spray treatment Evanston is good for the environment because it is an all-natural product. For a quality roof restoration Evanston product that lasts choose our shingle roof repair Evanston option.

Protecting the Planet

Be an advocate for climate restoration by going with our roof protection Evanston spray. Our product takes asphalt waste out of the equation and promotes your roof health into the future.

How Roof Maxx Evanston Works?


If your roof is an ideal candidate for Roof Maxx treatment, we will make sure to get an appointment worked out for the process. Roofs that have more urgent issues such as leaks, are subject to roof repair Evanston for which we provide a quote.


A roof tune-up is the first step in the process before we add Roof Maxx protection. This step analyzes your roof to make sure the application will work for you. Once this is finished our shingle roof repair Evanston spray service takes on a few hours to administer.


Our best-in-class oils give you a solution that is cheaper and just as effective as a roof shingle replacement Evanston. Performing this process adds up to five years to your existing protection which will carry over if you move.