Frequently Asked Questions

How Roof Maxx Chicago Works?
Roof Maxx uses a plant-based bio-oil that deeply permeates into the core of your asphalt roof shingle, increasing flexibility and waterproofing. The shingle’s dried-out petrochemical oils are replaced, providing the finest roof restoration Chicago homeowners can find. 

Our treatment costs roughly 20% of a full roof replacement, depending on the roof size.

The best timing for a Roof Maxx Chicago application is when your roof shingles are beginning to show their age with loss of flexibility and signs of drying out. Typically, this will happen when your roof is approximately 6 to 10 years old. This is not a solid rule, as we have treated roofs that are 15 to 20 years old, and even roofs up to 30 years old!

Roof Maxx is not intended to stop leaks, as the vast majority of roof leaks occur at the flashings. Roof flashings are the most leak-prone areas along walls, around chimneys, or skylights.

Absolutely! Roof Maxx is a certified USDA BioPreferred product, so you can be sure it is safe for people, animals, your property, and the environment.

The only change in appearance by applying Roof Maxx Chicago would be a potential darkening of your shingles, which will make them look like they did when new. In fact, they will act like they are new as well! The darker color will likely last a few months, and slowly lighten up over time.