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Roof Maxx Chicago is your best choice for roof protection and roof repair in the Chicago area. We specialize in applying a unique coating to your roof’s shingles which extends their lifespan. When your roof warranty is near expiration, give us a call to learn about how you can get an additional 5-year warranty with our special coating. 


Homeowners who choose Roof Maxx Chicago save money by extending the useful life of their roof. With regular, 5-year applications, you can gain up to 15 years of durable protection.


Roof Maxx’s roof protection is 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic with all-natural materials. We have the roof protection Chicago citizens trust for a safe, effective, and durable solution.

Protecting the Planet

By using Roof Maxx spray treatment Chicago homeowners are doing their part to help save the planet by eliminating asphalt waste and extending the life of their existing roof.

How Roof Maxx Chicago Works?


If your roof is a good candidate for Roof Maxx Chicago, we’ll work with you to schedule an appointment for the application. If we have discovered leaks or any other major issues preventing an application, we will provide an estimate for roof repair.


Prior to applying Roof Maxx, we will perform a roof tune-up to make sure the application is fully functional, then we will apply the protective spray. The procedure usually requires only a few hours.


Our special refreshing oil restores your roof’s shingles waterproofing and flexibility for five years, giving you extended durability and protection. If you end up moving within five years, our warranty is fully transferable.

What Are the Benefits of Roof Maxx Chicago Roof Protection?

How Does Roof Maxx Benefit You?
Unfortunately, asphalt shingles are not of the same quality as they once were. They have less asphalt than prior generations, causing them to dry out and fail quicker than ever. Thankfully, Roof Maxx Chicago has revolutionary technology for roof restoration Chicago property owners are raving about. Roof Maxx utilizes a natural, plant-based bio-oil that restores a shingle's flexibility, adding a minimum of five years of useful life to your roof. By taking advantage of the three possible treatments, you can add up to 15 years of life to your asphalt roof with treatments every 5-years!

How Much Will Roof Maxx Cost You?
Depending on how big your roof is, Roof Maxx Chicago can cost only 20% of the price of a full roof replacement. As an example, if a roof replacement would cost $10,000, Roof Max would only cost close to $2,000. The savings are significant! We will quote the price based upon your roof size.

We Provide Roof Restoration Chicago & Roof Repair Chicago Services

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Roof Restoration

Our Roof Maxx Chicago coating is a proven, safe, affordable, and easy alternative to an expensive, complicated, and time-consuming roof replacement. No matter the roof size, we can add life to your shingles. Our 5-year warranty is fully transferable, so you can trust that your roof and entire home are protected.

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Roof Repair

We also offer shingle roof repair Chicago residents trust for high-quality results. Our roofing contractors will inspect your roof to determine any potential issues, and then provide a quote for repair. We only use the finest materials and roofing techniques, so you can have peace of mind that our roof repair Chicago will be durable and dependable.

What Signs Indicate That You Need Our Shingle Roof Repair Chicago Services?

If you witness signs of water damage in your residence or you can easily see the damaged shingles on your roof, call us and we will come out and decide on the proper roof restoration Chicago service.

When shingle roof repair Chicago is needed, there are usually early signs that something isn’t correct. Mold or mildew growth, moisture or water damage on ceilings, higher HVAC bills due to air escaping, or the appearance of asphalt granules in your rain gutters are a few signs that can be a cause for concern. Shingles disappearing in the spring or shingles that are curled up and not making contact with your solid roof anymore is another sign that roof shingle replacement is needed. 

Shingles are put in place to move water off your roof and to add protection to everything underneath. Once Shingles are damaged, they no longer function properly to complete this task, and repairs are needed. Our roof treatment Chicago contractors will come to you and inspect your roof before making the necessary roof repair Chicago to ensure it works better than ever and is safe for you and your family. Roof Maxx spray treatment Chicago is our specialty and will make your roof function like new.

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Testimonials of Our Roof Protection Chicago Services

Roof Maxx is definitely the most unique and effective roof protection Chicago homeowners can find. They were quick, affordable, and gave us confidence that our roof will be durable without needing a replacement anytime soon.
Thomas Best
I called Roof Maxx Chicago for a roof repair and learned about their amazing spray treatment. They gave us a quick and inexpensive quote, and now my roof has new life after their process!
Lewis Edwards
We were selling our home but wanted to extend our roof warranty. Roof Maxx Chicago gave us a transferrable, extended warranty that was exactly what we needed to give our home buyer confidence.
Jay Burton